Top 5 Foods to Increase Weight in Children

5 Best Foods to Increase Weight in Children:-


milk for weight gain

Milk is a good natural source of protein and carbohydrates, not to mention other important nutrients as well. Make sure your kid has at least 2 glasses of milk a day in different forms such as milkshake, cereals or smoothies.


eggs for weight gain

Eggs are a great source of protein and around 100 grams of eggs contain 13 grams of protein. There are tons of ways you can introduce eggs into your kid’s everyday meals. Eggs are also packed with vitamin A and vitamin B12


bananas for weight gain

A single banana is packed with 105 calories. They also provide essential carbohydrates that help your kid put on some ‘healthy fat’. What’s best is the fact that bananas are very versatile.


avocados for weight gain

Avocados are another great pick for underweight children since they are rich in fats and calories – both of which are needed for a growing child.


potatoes for weight gain

Potatoes contain amino acids like arginine and glutamine, which makes them a healthy weight gaining foods for babies and toddlers.

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