Morning Running vs Evening Running

In this Article, we are going to tell you the best time for running or we can say which is best among morning running and evening running.

Actually both morning and evening running are beneficial for healthy life.

First of all lets talk about pros and cons of Evening Running.


Evening running is good for sprinters. It lowers risk of injury, helps in lowering nocturnal BP and good for reflexes and alertness.


Environmental conditions can affect running such as traffic, weather, low light and sound.

Now lets talk about pros and cons of Morning Running:-


Morning running helps in fighting depression, building good muscles, burning fat and maintaining a good BP rate throughout the day.


In morning running routine, we have low energy levels and poor lung capacity. There is a high risk of injury while running in morning.

So, these are the key points about both routines, choose wisely which routine will work best for you according to your body type.

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