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About Health Complain

Healthcomplain is a health and wellness site which provides all the information about health, nutrition, beauty and lifestyle. One of the main purposes of Healthcomplain is to provide natural home remedies for hundreds of ailments.

About Me:-

Hi everyone, this is Rick.

I belong to Sikh family and currently I am living in New Delhi.

The credits for starting this website goes to my grandmother, because she was used to tell me various home remedies in my childhood and that remedies actually works. From that day, my interest towards nutrition, home remedies and other fitness information increased. So I decided to opt this as a carrier.

After clearing 10+2 in medical field, I have done bachelor degree in sports science and in between that I have done various health and fitness certification courses such as ISSA (International Sports Science Association), ACE(American Council on Exercise), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). These all certifications contain information about our body functions and nutrition required for various function of our body.

Last Year I have completed my Ayush Certification which contains all the Ayurvedic information and remedies which is indicated as a religion for our country. Because as we know Indian people don’t prefer modern harmful toxic medicines and always prefers home remedies.

The main purpose of this website is to provide best and proven home remedies to people who are suffering from various health problems.