5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Weight

1. Walking:-

Walking is one of the best way to burn calories. It helps to increase metabolism, lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of injuries. 30 minutes of daily walk keep your blood pressure level at check.

2. Running:-


Daily 30 minutes of running will burn approximately 318 calories. Running helps to keep your heart healthy and also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Crunches:-

Crunches considered as the fastest fat burning exercise. Crunches help in strengthening the core muscles as well as improving posture.

4. Swimming:-


Swimming helps you to lose weight as well as make you stronger and healthier. This exercise will burn approximately 500-700 calories in one hour. It provides strength to your core, arms, hips, glutes and shoulders. It also increases muscle strength, build endurance and maintain healthy heart and lungs.

5. Cycling


A normal person burn approximately 450-750 calories per hour by doing cycling. Regular cycling helps to improve posture and coordination and also decreases your stress level and body fat percentage.

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