5 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon You Need to Know

In this Article, we will tell you why you should add cinnamon powder in every meal and also we will tell you some amazing health benefits of cinnamon.

So lets get started:-

1. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels:-

Cinnamon limits the raise in insulin and decrease the amount of glucose entering into the blood stream thus helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

2. Improves sensitivity to hormone insulin:-

Some people are resistant to effects of insulin and their body unable to transport blood sugar from bloodstream to body cells. At that time, cinnamon works as a wonder ingredient.

3. Improves Brain Function:-

After continuous stress, our brain function and structure get damaged, this condition is also known as neurodegenerative disease. Cinnamon helps in treating this disease effectively.

4. Helps in fighting HIV:-

HIV directly attacks on the immune system of body, which results in Aids. Cinnamon is considered as best fighting agent against this disease among all other 68 medicinal plants.

5. Lower the risk of heart disease:-

According to several studies, heart disease is a major reason of premature deaths at present. Consuming cinnamon every day can lower the risks of heart disease as it maintains blood pressure and cholesterol.

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