5 Foods That are Damaging Your Teeth

The food you eat has a huge impact on your dental health. Avoid these 5 foods if you want healthy teeth.

1. Dried Fruits:-

Dried Fruits
Figs and raisins

While it seems healthy, dried fruits like raisins, prunes and figs stick in your teeth just like candy. If you do like to eat dried fruits, make sure you rinse your mouth with water, then brush and floss after.

2. Citrus Fruits:-

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain healthy doses of vitamin C, but their acid content can erode enamel. To protect your teeth, at least rinse out your mouth after consuming anything containing citrus.

3. Alcohol:-


Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth. A dry mouth lacks saliva, which can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections such as gum disease.

4. Hard Candies:-

Hard Candies
Hard candies

Hard candy causes two types of damage in your mouth. They may crack your teeth, but also leave a layer of sugar on your teeth for a long time. This leads to acidity in the mouth, which damages the enamel.

5. Sugary Drinks:-

Sugary Drinks
Sugary Drinks

Soft drinks contains acids and sugar, which are bad for your teeth. Even fruit juices and sports drinks have high levels of sugar and cause acidity. To prevent damage, that sugary drinks may cause. Drink plain water afterwards.

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