5 Deadly Food Combination You Should Avoid

In this article, we will tell you some of deadly food combination you should avoid to stay healthy.

1. Eating fruits right after a meal:-

Eating fruits right after a meal is bad as the nutrients of the fruits may not be digested properly.

2. Yogurt with Sour Fruits:-

Eating any sour fruits with yogurt can produce toxins in your stomach which results in toxins, allergies and cold. You can mix yogurt with honey, cinnamon and raisins instead of fresh fruits.

3. Milk and Banana Shake:-

This combination is not bad for those whose digestive system are strong. This combination sits heavy on your stomach. If you can’t digest this combination properly then add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg and consume it.

4. Cheese and Meat:-

This combination is very high in protein such as cheesy meatballs, Meat omelet and cheese. Naturally, it is very difficult to digest. so instead of cheese, add chopped vegetables in this meal.

5. Meal with Water or Juice:-

Drinking water or juice with food is not a good idea because water dilutes the acid present in stomach and slows down the digestion of fats and carbs.

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